Job Seekers

Job Seekers, What Can You Expect?

At Hufford Staffing we work every day to place candidates into roles that challenge and excite them. If you are looking for a new job or even a career change, contact us and lets have a conversation!

Working with us as a job seeker comes with its own benefits. Some of the advantages you can expect to by working with us are as follows:

Access to More Job Opportunities

Here at Hufford Staffing it is one of passions to find and place individuals into jobs they are excited about. Sometimes this requires thinking outside the box. We may converse with you about job areas and locations you may not have previously considered.  This may open up an enitrely new relm of possibilites for you, and your career. 

New Jobs that are Unique and Challenging

Along the same vein, we may present to you positions for which you may not have even known of, but are intriquing to you. We start each relationship off with a conversations about needs, wants, and we find out about you as a professional. From there we take our years of experience in placing individuals and offer roles to you. 

We do most of the legwork and leave the parts you care about, up to you

Searching for a job can be difficult, tiring, and cumbersome. At Hufford Staffing we take care of most of the legwork, the rest of it, like salary negotiation and interviewing, we leave to you. This gets you in the door and talking to your potential new employer, just by sharing a resume with us. This is what we do for a living.

Contact us any time, day or night

Working with us you get the garuntee that we will be available to talk or connect with you, whenever needed. We are a small team but we are dedicated to supporting the individuals that we represent.

Access to a Larger Professional Network

As previously stated, we do this for a living and have for awhile. Working with us you get to join the large and extensive professional network that we have curated over the years. This provides you access to positions and opportunties that you may not have otherwise gotten exposure to.

Interview Practice

We also offer the ability to practice and consult with our team before interviews, if you choose. This gives our candidates that extra layer of security and confidence to be their best!

Resume Writing & Critique Assistance

Can’t find the right words or way to highlight your experience? No problem, drop us a line and allow us to take a look. We have human resource professionals on our team willing to lend a hand in any and all resume writing or feedback.

Regular Updates & Check-ins

One of the things we pride ourselves with at Hufford Staffing is our ability to and interest in fostering personable relationships. We will keep you in the loop with any job updates and make it a priority to check-in with you before, during, and after our services are complete. 

Time Saved to Spend in Other Ways

What is one of the biggest advantages of working with Hufford Staffing? Time back in your pocket. Rest assured you are searching for a new position even when you are not searching. That is because once you are in our database you are on our radar. We know you are interested in something new and even if you want to take a day off, we won’t. Work with us and let us save you time, and energy.