Full-Service Resource Management

Hufford Staffing is a dynamic organization. Our team of highly proficient project managers and IT professionals together have developed a process framework to provide full-resource management to our clients. We have the capability to manage an entire project from conception to completion. We can provide the necessary human capital, skills, IT infrastructure, financial resources, inventory, and production to meet your requirements. 

Recruiting Outsourcing

As part of our Full-Resource Management service line-up, we offer full-service Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Hufford Staffing takes responsibility and accountability over all elements of sourcing and recruiting from requisition to offer letter (beginning to end). This means we manage recruiting plans and execution, while determining success metrics with the client.

In addition to our full-service RPO we also offer a more limited outsourcing process. This particular ongoing service involves a more complimentary effort, alongside the client’s current process, and not just a swift handoff.
We can offer both of the full-service and limited RPO on a fixed short-term basis, or on a longer term agreement.

Resource Management Consulting

As a new addition to our line-up we also offer consulting to employers who may not have a fully-formed recruiting process in place, yet. In this particular consulting model of service we talk through and walk through setting up a recruiting process or an HR department. This is the best fit for organizations whom desire the following:

Want to consolidate their processes or need to look deeper at their overall.

Businesses experiencing growth looking for assistance setting up their recruiting framework.