Contingent Staffing

What is Contingency Staffing?

 At Hufford Staffing we work hard to provide our clients with highly qualified and professional candidates. Contingency staffing is a method of service providing where candidates are referred and considered based on standards set by the client. In this agreement compensation is required only after a placement is successful and the candidate remains on assignment for 60 days. 

Contingency staffing can encompass both permeant positions and temporary work, we are experienced in providing personnel for each scenario. Typically this method of services is reserved for clients who are need in of specific skill sets that can be delivered through the hiring of one or two professionals. Durations of such agreements vary from 2-6 months to execute a project, to permanent roles where organizational strategic development is the goal.  

We are a small team of passionate individuals wanting to make a difference in who you hire, and how you do it.  We achieve this goal by putting communication and transparency at the forefront of our professional relationships. Get to know us and let us help you find the right talent. Contact us today.